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Timing Belt Replacements–Keeping Vehicles In Sync!

Your vehicle’s timing belt keeps your engine components running in sync. The condition of the timing belt should always be kept in good condition. If a timing belt snaps from wear and tear, the engine will be inoperable and won’t even start. Our routine maintenance schedule will keep you abreast of your timing belt’s condition, and ensure that your crankshaft and camshaft are on time with each other. The auto service experts at Foothill Auto Service can handle any maintenance and repairs associated with your timing belt.

Complete Timing Belt Repair Services

We can also replace water pumps and pulleys if they start to fail. Pulley failures can cause extensive damage to your vehicle’s engine parts like valves or pistons. Depending on your vehicle make, the water pump may be controlled by the timing belt. In any case, we’ll make the necessary repairs and parts replacements using only the best quality parts. Our team keeps you safely on the road and in premium condition. We adhere to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations for timing belt replacement services. You should always replace your timing belt according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to prevent inconvenient timing belt breakage.

Be Proactive!–Preventive Maintenance Services

Timing belts also have tensioners that keep your timing belt tight and in line. We can recognize any malfunction within any of your engine’s performance. It is usually a good idea to replace the tensioners and pulleys whenever you replace your timing belt. These parts also need to be replaced in a timely manner to avoid complete engine breakdown. Pulleys cannot be lubricated often, therefore the bearings contained in the unit can wear out. This will cause the timing belt to fall off and cause expensive engine damage. Quality timing belt service in Lake Forest, CA is vital to your engine’s overall performance. When drivers are proactive and bring any warning signs to our technicians, we’re able to help you avoid a timing belt and engine breakdown. We’ll provide an accurate diagnosis that lets you know what condition your timing belt is in, and we’ll let you know the best course of action. One of the more obvious symptoms is a high-pitched squealing sound whenever the engine is running. This sound is unmistakable and can be hard to miss because it continues as long as the engine is running. The timing belt that’s in need of service or replacement will squeal at a different pitch than brakes that squeal will occur when brakes aren’t being applied.

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For timing belt service in the Lake Forest or Foothill Ranch area, come to Foothill Auto Service. Failure to give your vehicle’s timing belt the proper attention will lead to timing belt breakage that causes complete engine failure. Our routine maintenance services and complete repairs and parts replacements will keep your engine running smoothly. Give us a call today if you suspect your timing belt needs service. Consult your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. If your timing belt service is overdue, don’t waste another day. Waiting too long can result in total engine breakdown. For your convenience, you can schedule your timing belt service right now, using our online scheduling system.