The Story behind our Super-Tech Tim Reichenbach - Foothill Auto Service

The Story behind our Super-Tech Tim Reichenbach

The Story behind our Super-Tech Tim Reichenbach

Tim Reichenbach is the man! For our November blog, the team at Foothill Auto Service wants to take the time to write more about the incredible work that Tim has provided to the shop since he came on the team in 2019 - or in his words, "25 months, but I'm not counting." Tim's story of finding us at Foothill Auto Service is unique! First, he owned his shop for over twenty years, bringing with him decades of expertise & credibility to the team at Foothill. Even though it was a hard decision to close down a shop that he poured his life into for over twenty years, Tim knew he had found his next home & his sense of belonging was clear since day one. Stating that the "transition was great," & when asked about how it was beginning to work with our owner, Glenn Larsen, Tim said, "It has been great, he is a good mentor, a fantastic businessman, (he) treats me as an equal." "I have been going to Foothill Auto for over ten years. They are highly trustworthy and professional. Their work is of the highest quality. They thoroughly explain everything for you to make an informed decision. Glenn, Cindy, Tim, and the rest of the crew are great!" - Jeanne N. Under the leadership of Glenn Larsen, Tim has decided his favorite part about being a part of the Foothill team is "Not having to take business home with me; I now have a whole lot less stress." Tim also likes being able to enhance his mechanical skills even more (if that is even possible) through "The learning and growing aspect working with Glenn." Tim himself has proven time and time again to be a highly valuable member of the team at Foothill, and the entire team feels lucky to have him under our name. Tim's dedication to the industry & expertise from his years running his own shop have followed him time & time again through the Foothill doors bringing new clients in through his long-standing reputation as a quality mechanic with a history of outstanding workmanship. Check out this fantastic review about what our customers say about Tim Reichenbach. "I used Tim Reichenbach for many years for fleet servicing and my personal vehicles when he owned Crossroads Automotive. After he merged with Foothill Auto Service, I've continued to use their services. Recently, I had an oil leak on my 2003 Infiniti FX35 that I found difficult to diagnose the origin. Tim and his team steam cleaned the engine top to bottom and added tracers to see where the leak originated. It was determined to be the valve cover gaskets and they completed the repairs with 100% success. I thought it was a power steering line or transmission cooler line but they found the problem. They always look out for the customer and will not recommend work that's not necessary. Prior to any trip, we have our vehicles checked out by Foothill Auto Service and trust them in keeping our vehicles safe and reliable for may miles to come. I really appreciate Tim's knowledge and honesty." - Kevin A. When asked about his following of loyal customers & transition to Foothill Auto Service, Tim feels genuinely grateful. "It's been fantastic, and I'm thankful that Foothill has provided a place to bring these clients. I spent 20 years building those relationships; it's (his previous clients) who made this work. Tim + Glenn are what you could call "a match made in heaven." Their ability to work together & to blend their businesses is genuinely what makes Tim feel appreciated and grateful to be a part of our Foothill Team. Here is another glowing review about Tim & his expertise on diesel engines "I got my truck serviced here. Tim is very experienced with diesel engines, and they are much more affordable than the dealership. I will definitely be a returning customer." - Dean G. When we asked the rest of the Foothill Team, "Do you have a fun story to share about working at Foothill?" this is what they said: "Every day is an adventure - working with this group is a very large dysfunctional family. Always playing practical jokes and always having fun. We definitely enjoy our working environment." - T.R "We bicker we are like brothers and sisters who fight with one another, and we are professionals and have fun with what we do" - T.R Having fun in the workplace is essential to Tim, "I like the comradery that we have, the ability to joke and tease, we have so much fun!" However, even though Tim's experience speaks for itself, it doesn't mean that he is above the jokes. "Every day, it's different stuff; nobody (even myself) gets out of being teased; if someone does something silly, we hang onto it, we just have a great time." "If you can't have fun while you work, its just work" - T.R When asked about any plans to retire or what the future will bring, Tim summed it up in a perfect way - "I told Glenn this is the place that I will die at" - T.R We hope you've enjoyed hearing and learning all about Tim Reichenbach & more about his background. But it wouldn't be an employee highlight without some fun facts!

Fun Facts About Tim Reichenbach

  • His love of cars began in 1968 at his grandfather's workbench, where he would spend hours taking apart and putting back together carburetors at the young age of four.
  • Tim grew up in the automotive world yet landed his first job as a handyman in San Juan Capistrano.
  • The first car he ever owned was a '57 Chevy truck (ugly green) that he eventually traded in for a 65 White El Camino.
  • When Tim isn't in the shop, he loves to go overland camping in his 2003 Ram 2500 or "the Truck." Overland camping includes a truck outfitted with rugged desert camping gear, and one can often find him and his son out on adventures in nature.
  • His favorite car is a 1946 dodge power wagon! 450k - 4 door and late model engine - tricked!
Thank you for taking the time to read about one of our valuable Foothill Auto Service family members! At Foothill Auto Service, we are proud to provide you with the best in-house lifetime guarantee on labor and a TechNet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty for most parts. Call our friendly service desk today or schedule an appointment online so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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