Gasket Installation IN LAKE FOREST, CA

The auto repair team at Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest, CA, are certified, trained, and have the equipment to perform precise gasket installations on your car or truck. When it comes down to head gasket installation, no one is more experienced than the highly-trained auto mechanic team at Foothill Auto Service. With over 100 years of combined experience, our auto repair team has literally been there and done that regarding wrenching on a car. There is wisdom gained with years in the industry, and fresh eyes while training the younger generation of auto mechanics keep our team at Foothill Auto Service at the forefront of automotive technology.

If you are experiencing an overheating engine, or the idle on your vehicle feels like it is running rough, you may be experiencing a leaking head gasket. When you need gasket installation and replacement on your vehicle, your trustworthy auto mechanics at Foothill Auto Service are the best in the business. Did you know there are more than five types of gaskets in your engine? In addition to the head gaskets, there is the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets and a camshaft gasket too. Gasket installation is the easy part; it's how your vehicle is disassembled and reassembled that makes all the difference in extending the life of your car, which is why Foothill Auto Service is tops in the industry.

Are you curious if the rumor about Foothill Auto Service being the best-kept secret in Lake Forest is true? Don't take our word for it; see what our customers are saying:

Glenn has always offered incredible customer service / communication & the best prices available. He will give you all the options, including being totally honest about what does not need to be repaired. He will say let's keep an eye on this or that area, but it doesn't need to be repaired yet. He is the most honest & reputable mechanic in Southern California BY FAR! -- Cole B

At Foothill Auto Service, Our dedication to you and your vehicle is what sets us apart from the rest. We strive to ensure excellent service to our customers; you become like family to us. Our staff is ASE-Certified. We pride ourselves on our ongoing training, and we use the latest in diagnostic tools within the auto repair industry. At Foothill Auto Service, we are proud to provide you the best in-house 3-year/36,000-mile guarantee in the Lake Forest area, and a TechNet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty in case you are traveling. Call us today or schedule an appointment online so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. You'll be glad you did!