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Engine and Transmission Mounts

Engine and Transmission Mounts IN LAKE FOREST, CA

Are you experiencing problems with your engine or transmission mounts? Bring your car to Foothill Auto Service‚Äôs ASE-Certified auto mechanics in Lake Forest, CA. The ASE-Certified auto technicians team at Foothill Auto Service has over 100 years of combined knowledge in auto repair. With this comprehensive knowledge and training, no better group of experts can manage your vehicle’s engine and transmission mount conditions. You may wonder how long you can drive with bad mounts; it can take between five minutes to five years to experience total mount failure. Driving with a broken engine or transmission mount can be risky because it causes excess vibrations to the car. This type of pressure on the rest of your vehicle can cause extra wear and all sorts of other problems to occur as side effects.

Engine & Transmission Mounts

Engine and transmission mount secure your vehicle’s engine and transmission to the structure of your car. These mounts also provide absorption of vibration and shock, allowing a calmer, more comfortable ride. If you experience extra vibrations or engine activity while your car is running, it could be a sign that your mount is going wrong or has already broken. Engine and transmission mounts have rubber seals that, like all rubber parts, ultimately wear out and crack. When the rubber engine and transmission mounts wear, it can throw your engine or transmission out of balance, which over time, can cause issues with the engine or transmission or damage the frame and chassis, which is potentially harmful. Driving with a broken or impaired engine or transmission mount can become dangerous to you, your passengers, and those around you. It is best to take care of it before getting it to our auto mechanics at Foothill Auto Service for a diagnosis.

Our team of experienced auto mechanics is equipped with the latest auto repair technology and prides itself on providing efficient, honest service to each customer that comes through the door. Don’t just take our word for it; see what others are saying about us:

Love this shop! Glen is a real nice guy, I will never go anywhere else. You can trust them to get the job done right at a reasonable price & great warranty. — Lori S.

Over the years, we have replaced hundreds of engine and transmission mounts at Foothill Auto Service. There is nothing like experience to aid in doing something right in a timely manner. At Foothill Auto Service, we offer top-quality and honest service for your vehicle. We strive to ensure excellent service to our customers; you become like family to us. Our staff is ASE-Certified. We pride ourselves on our ongoing training, and we use the latest in diagnostic tools within the auto repair industry. At Foothill Auto Service, we are proud to provide you the best in-house lifetime guarantee on labor and a TechNet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty for most parts. Call us today or schedule an appointment online so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. We welcome you to the Foothill Auto Service family!