We here, at Foothill Auto Service, are your trusted source for brake work along with all your other auto repair needs. Brakes are one of the most important and critical safety features on your vehicle and you can count on the team at Foothill Auto Service to be your trustworthy auto mechanic shop in the greater Lake Forest area. Your vehicle's brake system consists of a series of mechanical parts; the anti-lock system, also known as ABS (anti-braking system), includes actuators, modulators, and other sensors that make up your ABS. Over time, parts wear down and need service or complete replacement.

Brake pads are made up of a variety of materials such as ceramic, organic, or semi-metallic composite. Each time you depress your brake, these pads wear down. Navigating traffic on our California freeways can be hard on your brake pads. If these replaceable pads wear down too far, the metal housing can become compromised from rubbing metal against metal on the rotors or drums, depending on your vehicle's age. Your auto mechanics here at Foothills Auto Service are highly trained and can be trusted to inspect and ensure that quality brake parts are correctly installed and are in top condition before you get back out on the road.

At Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest, we find our customers are often most impressed with our honesty, quality, and fast auto repair turnaround time. Using the latest auto repair technology, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed and involved throughout your auto repair process. Our auto mechanics at Foothill Auto Service are in direct contact with you, by both text or email and send photos of your auto repair process to keep you informed and in charge of your vehicle and your dollars. Here is a recent 5-star review from one of Foothill Auto Service customers sharing their experience:

"A very respectable, family run shop that you can trust. Glenn and Cindy are friendly, fast, customer service oriented and deliver top notch service at a fair price. I wish I had known about Foothill Auto Service years ago!" -- Anthony Z

At Foothill Auto Service, we offer top quality and honest service for your vehicle. We strive to ensure excellent service to our customers; you become like family to us. Our staff is ASE-Certified. We pride ourselves on our ongoing training, and we use the latest in diagnostic tools within the auto repair industry. At Foothill Auto Service, we are proud to provide you the best in-house 3-year/36,000-mile guarantee in the Lake Forest area, and a TechNet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty in case you are traveling. Call us today or schedule an appointment online so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. You'll be glad you did, we welcome you and your car just like family.