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Battery Service

Battery Service IN LAKE FOREST, CA

With Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest, CA, as your trusted AAA-approved auto repair shop, you will never have to worry about where to turn when you require battery service. Our trusted ASE-Certified auto mechanics know what to look for in your car and always document their findings to ensure that you receive the best service possible. At Foothill Auto Service, we know it is essential to keep you and your vehicle on the road with regular battery service and maintenance so you don’t find yourself stuck somewhere late for work, school, or dinner. We strive to ensure the highest quality customer service possible for our customers. Our staff is ASE-Certified. We pride ourselves on our ongoing training and use of the latest in diagnostic tools and equipment within the auto repair industry.

Battery Service & Inspection

If you can’t recall the last time you replaced your battery or had your battery serviced, now is the time to have your trusted automotive technicians and auto mechanics at Foothill Auto Service take a look under the hood. If you notice the terminals are corroded, it is time to have your battery serviced. Do your power windows roll up slowly? Do your headlights dim, or do your dashboard lights flicker? These are all signs that it is time to bring your car into Foothill Auto Service and have your battery tested.

With Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest, CA, as the best go-to auto repair shop in the area, you can rest assured that your car will be well cared for. Our technicians have seen and solved everything from battery service to transmissions to mystery sounds. We are known to be the top diagnostics shop in the Lake Forest area. Our entire team of auto repair technicians and service writers care deeply about you and your car, and this is why we always answer the phone. We are even known to help customers on evenings and weekends in a pinch. Our office and waiting rooms are clean and welcoming, just the way we want to treat you and your car when it comes into our shop for service. We take pride in our work and reputation and look forward to showing you how we care for your vehicle.

Check out what our happy customers are saying about our service:

Gotta go see Glenn anytime you need any service or any issue with your car. They are honest and great people. I know this because if something is wrong, they will tell you. If it’s something that can wait, they are honest about that too. I’ve been here a few times, and every time has been great. — Dave P

If you are experiencing flickering lights or power loss when starting your car, you may need battery service. Foothill Auto Service offers top-quality, honest service for your vehicle. We strive to ensure the highest quality service possible to our customers; you become like family to us. Our staff is ASE-Certified, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing training and use of the latest diagnostic tools within the auto repair industry. At Foothill Auto Service, we are proud to provide you the best lifetime guarantee on labor and a TechNet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty for most parts. Call us today or schedule an appointment online so we can take great care of you and your vehicle. We welcome you to the Foothill Auto Service Family!