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Resolutions for you and your car in 2023

Resolutions for you and your car in 2023

Resolutions for you and your car in 2023

Now that 2022 is officially behind us, we are at a perfect time to set new trends and patterns for ourselves,, and it is also an ideal time to also pledge to take better care of our vehicles in 2023 since we rely so heavily on our transportation to maintain our lifestyles. This is why we want to share our top 5 resolutions for you and your car.

Regularly scheduled Maintenance

Yes, you already know that by maintaining your vehicle regularly, you ensure that your car will last longer and keep you on the road for years to come. Sometimes our lives get so busy it is easy to let an oil change slip out of our minds, plus it saves a bit of cash, too, right? Perhaps in the short run, you will have a little extra in your pocket; however, when you neglect regular maintenance, eventually, the cost will become much greater, and who knows, you could find yourself faced with an engine overhaul, replacement, or even needing to replace your car due to an overheating issue. When you let the experts at Foothill Auto Service maintain your vehicle, you can feel rest assured that your car or truck is thoroughly inspected, and our technicians will keep you in the loop with what upcoming services to plan for.

Patience Patience Patience

Here is one we don’t often think about. Slowing down and practicing patience. Did you know that aggressive driving and road rage are the most dangerous issues facing drivers today? Remember, when you begin feeling tense and frustrated in the driver’s seat to take a deep breath and find your grace and empathy for other drivers. Who knows, perhaps that driver that just cut you off is racing to the hospital to see his mother. We never know what others are going through, so let’s assume they are experiencing a critical emergency and give them the space to move forward without judgment. At the end of the day, getting in an accident is much worse than arriving 1 minute later than you planned.

What if we are the aggressive drivers on the road? Well, let’s plan to leave a few minutes earlier or reschedule our plans for a little later to keep the rush at bay and arrive in one piece.

Lose the baggage

Although we all love hitting the gym, our cars and trucks don’t have that luxury, so we need to take inventory and see what we are hauling around in our cars. If it isn't safety-related or essential, plan to take it out of your car. Not only will your car thank you, but your wallet will also thank you when you are at the pump because it will improve fuel efficiency.

Freshen up the interior

It only takes an hour to give your car a deep interior cleaning, and you will feel so much better when you are out and about driving around. All it takes is grabbing a trash can and pulling out all garbage, vacuuming the interior and giving your upholstery a good scrub. If your car still has a bad odor, it could be your ventilation system. The team at Foothill Auto Service has state-of-the-art equipment, complete with a ventilation system, or perhaps take your car to a detail shop and let them give your vehicle a deep clean and overnight with an ozone machine running.

Proactive Care

Think of your family and friends; imagine what it would feel like if you were stuck in a parking lot or, worse, on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Remember to be proactive and get any issues diagnosed right away. When an issue arises, be sure to bring it to the experts at Foothill Auto Service. We are the experts in diagnostics and will never steer you wrong. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us today!

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