Glenn Larsen

Glenn Larsen, the owner of Foothill Auto Service, was raised around cars. His father worked on them in the garage after hours and eventually opened his own garage behind a gas station. Glenn's dad's auto repair business was built on a reputation of honesty, integrity, and quality auto repairs and withstood the test of time. Glenn grew up in the garage learning the ins and outs of auto repair at a young age. After college and playing basketball on a scholarship, Glenn turned back to wrenching on cars as an ASE-Certified technician at the gas station while rubbing elbows with the Hollywood movie stars that would fuel up at the station.

Cindy Evans

Cindy Evans grew up in a car-loving family whose father was a drag racer, and she recalls being into cars, wrenching on them her entire life. At the young age of 14, she started racing her own Camero at the track. By 16 years old, Cindy's first job was working as a mechanic doing everything from regular maintenance to fluids and tune-ups. In 1996, Cindy and her custom-built Camero were featured in Hot Rod Magazine. Cindy's cars have always been American muscle cars such as Pontiac Firebird & Cameros. Cindy loves all custom car modifications, everything from custom paint, the rumble of an aftermarket exhaust to a vehicle's stance, complete with custom wheels and tires.

Tim Reichenbach

Tim Reichenbach's love of cars began in 1968 at his grandfather's workbench, where he would spend hours taking apart and putting back together carburetors at the young age of four. Tim grew up in the automotive world yet landed his first job as a handyman in San Juan Capistrano. The first car he ever owned was a '57 Chevy truck that he eventually traded in for a 65 White El Camino. When Tim isn't in the shop, he loves to go overland camping in his 2003 Ram 2500 or "the Truck." Overland camping includes a truck outfitted with rugged desert camping gear, and one can often find him and his son out on adventures in nature.

Ken Stetson

Ken Stetson discovered his love for cars when he was 16 years old. He was drawn to muscle cars and their popularity on the street. His focus and determination were curated during his time in the Air Force guarding nuclear missiles. Ken's favorite car is a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 – Flat black for the color, of course.

Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez is a loyal member of the Foothill Auto Service family now for six years and counting. He found his love for cars while vacationing in Mexico as a young child. At the age of 10. Hector took a tour of his uncle's car shop, and he was hooked! He recalls his uncle giving him a carburetor to take apart, clean, and put back together, and the rule was "no extra parts." Hector fell in love with this project, even though it took him three days to get it right. He loves working on cars; his favorite part of the job is diagnostics and repair. Hector drives a 2003 Chevy Blazer named Kayhene; in Spanish, this translates to "Badass Chevy"! If his wife let him, you would catch Hector riding around in a Ferrari or a Diablo. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer with his buddies.

Scott Tuberville

Scott Tuberville has been a part of Foothill for close to a decade. Coming from a family of mechanics, his natural ability shines when taking apart and bringing back together anything from cars, clocks, appliances, or furniture. His first job was working in his parents' restaurant as a short-order cook—Scott's first car was a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, which he has rebuilt many times over the years. Scott prefers to work on unaltered vehicles because modifications incur mystery problems. A favorite memory Scott has from Foothills bloopers includes the time when they found a rat hiding in one of the cars; as a team, they corralled it chasing it out of the shop together.

Mark Walker

Mark grew up in Germany, moving stateside this past year to join the team at Foothill Auto Service. From the age of 16, he studied as an automotive technician at a premier repair facility in Germany throughout his schooling. Since Volkswagens are easy to come by, Mark picked up a series of stock Golfs over the years as his daily drivers because parts are so readily available and affordable; back in Germany, he could work on them himself. Mark fits right in at Foothill as a family man who agrees that stock cars are the best cars. When he is not at work, Mark spends every spare moment with his young family, including Ella, his sweet baby girl.

Bill Moyer

Bill started out his automotive career by working at a gas station in Cupertino, performing routine services such as oil and lube back in high school. In the ’80s, Bill got into drag racing, starting with a 70 Dodge Challenger, moving into a Dodge Dart and a Nova. Eventually, he took a job working with a crew, traveling the states, driving the big rig to events, racing, ordering parts, wrenching, booking hotels, the works! Bill’s brother worked with the Coast Guard, and Bill was lucky enough to have access to full repair bays, so he and his brother took his first car, a 57 Chevy truck, and rebuilt the engine to get it on the road. Today, Bill drives a Honda Element and appreciates vehicle reliability, but boy, does he wish he kept all of those old cars he bought back in the day. Bill loves to sail his Catalina 25’ and appreciates his coworkers and the community at Foothill Auto Service.