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Then that annoying light pops onto your dashboard, it’s time to straighten up and pay attention. Many drivers make the mistake of thinking that the check engine light is not an emergency. Because there are no other visible or audible warning signs that accompany the check engine light, it only seems like this is not an emergency. The truth is, the actual cause of the check engine light can only be known with a proper check engine light diagnostic service. Foothill Auto Service provides the best engine diagnostics in this area and can diagnose a wide range of problems. Your check engine light can be tripped because of anything from a loose gas cap to a faulty transmission. This alert is designed to give you enough time to get to Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest or Foothill Ranch, CA to give your vehicle the proper attention. It may not be time to panic, but it’s definitely time to take action. There’s no telling what’s going on under the hood and an owner’s procrastination can only make matters worse. As soon as you notice any abnormal behavior out of your vehicle, you should be proactive and bring your vehicle to our experts. A check engine light is a further confirmation that your vehicle is need of serious attention.

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The check engine light is your vehicle’s way of letting you know that there’s something in your vehicle that needs our attention. Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest, CA performs expert check engine light services using the most advanced diagnostic equipment. The sooner you bring us your vehicle, the sooner we can have you safely back on the road. Renewed confidence in your vehicle’s performance is part of our check engine light service. A check engine light will appear just in time to diminish a comfortable driving experience. Your experiences will only get more uncomfortable if you keep driving your vehicle with a check engine light. You could be doing extensive and expensive damage to your engine. A solid check engine light is the first notification that your vehicle needs attention. But if you continue to drive without getting attention, you will eventually have a blinking check engine light. This blinking check engine light indicates an emergency. You should cease driving on your vehicle, and visit Foothill Auto Service in Lake Forest or Foothill Ranch, CA.

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